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An Alternative Solution That Restores Balance

Energy Production

Naturally creates sustainable energy using organic inputs that are often considered waste.

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Ecological Services

Restoring land to a more native condition can produce biofuels and deliver many other benefits.

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Restoring wildlife habitats from Biomass crops that are similar to native ecosystems.

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At Roeslein Alternative Energy, our goal is to provide row crop farmers with the opportunity to restore a balance to their land without sacrificing the bottom line. Our approach is a market-based solution that puts an economic value on restored native grasses and prairie plants, by using the sustainably harvested biomass to create renewable natural gas. We believe the future of farming includes better ecological practices resulting in benefits for fish and wildlife, while improving economic gains through energy production.  Watch this short video to learn more about how Roeslein Alternative Energy plans to use restored prairie on marginal lands to feed and power the earth.

Ground Breaking and Award Winning

Energy Vision Leadership Award

Energy Vision honored Rudi Roeslein for his vision of using anaerobic digestors on large farms to produce renewable natural gas.

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Air Conservationist of the Year

Conservation Federation of Missouri named Rudi Roeslein as Missouri’s Air Conservationist of the Year for 2017.

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Groundbreaker of the Year Award

Roeslein Alternative Energy was named the 2016 Groundbreaker of the Year by BBI International at their annual conference.

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Using Anaerobic Digestion

Roeslein Alternative Energy works to help farmers maximize profitability by converting agricultural waste into a valuable resource. Through anaerobic digestion, harvested feedstock and organic waste is broken down into methane and used to produce a pipeline quality Renewable Natural Gas providing a valuable energy resource for land and farm owners. RAE works to shift agriculture from of a source of degradation to a driver of restoration in soil health while rebuilding ecosystems and bringing in additional revenue to farming families. With RAE’s leading technology, 850,000 tons of CO2 methane will be prevented from reaching the atmosphere which is equivalent to filling 56,000 semi trucks with a full tank of fuel per year.

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Restoring Native Prairies

Through the harvesting of diverse prairie biomass for bioenergy applications, farmers and landowners see the economic benefits of biomass production as well as the savings earned through efficient use of the land’s water, nitrogen, and energy resources. Respecting America’s natural grasslands can be as rewarding economically as it is spiritually when you are able to find the right balance of ecological benefits achieved from working with the land as opposed to around it. By restoring native prairies around marginal land, the grasses are able to reduce irrigation, erosion, reservoir sedimentation and chemical and fertilizer runoff all while increasing carbon sequestration.

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Creating Wildlife Benefits

Roeslein Alternative Energy is working to restore and convert 30 million acres of marginal land to native prairie grasses in just 30 years. This vision benefits farmers economically and positively impacts surrounding ecosystems by creating homes for various types of wildlife while providing ongoing food and water resources for the animal and bird population. The restored prairies provide nectar that supports insects to benefit insect-pollinated food crops in nearby fields. Seasonal harvesting of the restored grasses allows for their use as a valuable biomass feedstock while encouraging new growth to maintain biodiversity.

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RAE Featured News

How RAE helped Smithfield Save the Worst Hog Farm in America

Roeslein Alternative Energy started working with formerly known Premium Standard Farms, now known as Smithfield Hog Production, to restore their hog farms and their reputation.

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RAE Recognized for its Successful Valley View Farm Project

The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas recognized Roeslein Alternative Energy for their developmental role in renewable natural gas-to-transportation fuel at its Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

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Power From Pork: Partnership Turns Manure Into Money

Rudi Roeslein has three lofty goals. He wants to find alternative sources of energy, protect the environment and create more habitat for wildlife.

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Renewable Effort Driven by Hog Waste


In partnership, Roeslein Alternative Energy and Smithfield Hog Production are working to capture renewable natural gas from the waste of the approximate 2 million hogs that circulate through Smithfield’s northern Missouri operations each year. 

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RAE is Taking Environmental Sustainability to a New Level

“The technology we’ve developed is ready to be deployed commercially in a project that makes both economic sense and environmental sense. This is not just about converting the manure from almost two million pigs into renewable energy. It’s about taking environmental sustainability to a new level.”

Rudi Roeslein | Founder, Chairman and CEO of Roeslein Alternative Energy


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