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On November 28th the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas recognized Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) and five other companies for their development roles in seven renewable natural gas-to-transportation fuel projects completed in 2017 across the United States at its Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Rudi Roeslein, President of Roeslein Alternative Energy and CEO of Roeslein & Associates, commented, “The accomplishments to date are the result of the hard work and perseverance of our team, and the resolve of our company and Smithfield Foods to make this project a successful example of how a waste stream considered a liability can be turned into a beneficial source of renewable energy. Smithfield’s collaboration, commitment, and support have enabled all that we have achieved.”

Together, RAE and Smithfield intend to continue to bring more RNG to the market, and to help Smithfield achieve its sustainability goals that create benefits across multiple businesses while also producing food in a responsible way. At the completion of all nine farm projects in Missouri, the Roeslein / Smithfield collaboration will produce up to one million MMBtu of RNG per year, and will reduce 400,000 tons of CO2 equivalent methane emissions.

In addition to energy savings, the Valley View Farm project creates dozens of local jobs, pays hundreds of thousands in local taxes, and affirms Smithfield’s continued commitment to preserve the region’s $1.5 billion economic impact through this $100 million plus investment.

“We (RAE) would like to especially thank Angela Schwartz and her entire team at Element Markets, TransCanada’s ANR Pipeline Company for their cooperation and continued efforts to make these interconnects viable, and for all the support from local land owners, federal agencies, and local governmental authorities in Missouri to facilitate this project,” said Roeslein.

RAE continues the development of its research and development efforts to incorporate restored native prairie grassland as a source of biomass that will provide ecological services, wildlife habitat, improve the land use for future generations, and benefit the environment for all stakeholders. RAE has demonstrated that being sustainable and responsible does not cost the shareholders money but instead provides them and society a new source of revenue and energy that solves problems by turning them into opportunities.

Other companies recognized during the ceremony were Ameresco (Woodland Meadows, MI), Aria Energy (Butler County, NE and Oklahoma City, OK), Enerdyne Power Systems (Lawrence, KS), Morrow Renewables (Melissa Landfill and Pine Hill Landfill, TX) and Republic Services (Pine Hill, TX).

Roeslein Alternative Energy was founded in 2012 as an operator and developer of renewable energy production facilities that converts agricultural and industrial wastes along with renewable biomass feedstocks to renewable natural gas and sustainable co-products. RAE engages in these business operations with a focus on incorporating native prairie restoration. RAE is a limited liability corporation with its principal office located in St. Louis, Missouri. To find out more, please visit