Why Alternative Energy?

With Roeslein Alternative Energy's leading technology, RAE will prevent 850,000 tons of CO2 methane from reaching the atmosphere. That's equivalent to filling 56,000 big rig trucks with a full tank of diesel fuel per year. In addition to manure conversion, RAE looks to utilize marginal and highly erodible land and restore it back to the native prairies that they once were. It is the goal of RAE to ultimately restore 30,000,000 acres of land to native prairies in 30 years, which will dramatically increase habitat for plants and wildlife, and create significant ecosystem services such as cleaner water, erosion prevention, and soil rebuilding.
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The Roeslein Vision

Setting a New Standard

Our mission is to help individual landowners and society as a whole collaboratively discover and implement alternative biomass and energy solutions. This mission will be accomplished in both ecologically and economically sustainable ways to protect and restore our environment and ecosystems.

Horizon One - Anaerobic Digestion

By placing impermeable covers over hog manure lagoons, RAE is able to capture methane gas created by the anaerobic digestion process. The methane gas is upgraded to renewable natural gas and injected into the natural gas pipeline grid where it is available to millions of potential customers.

Horizon Two - Prairie Restoration

Through anaerobic digestion, RAE's goal is to restore 30 million acres of grasslands throughout the Midwest region within the next 30 years. Using this model it's our goal to restore hundreds of millions of acres of grassland around the globe. We call it our 30-30 program.

Global Project Execution

Innovation and Risk

The first Smithfield-Missouri finishing farm Roeslein worked with had nine lagoons and roughly 70,000 finishing hogs. Roeslein used several different gas purification systems to remove hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and some nitric oxide from methane trapped and collected at each covered 3-acre lagoon. One large-scale system, pressure swing absorption, is designed to handle the potential gas from 70,000 finishing hogs. A new, simpler membrane system is capable of purifying gas economically from as few as 30,000 finishing hogs. A natural gas pipeline happens to cross Smithfield’s Ruckman farm, where Roeslein installed a facility to inject the gas into the pipeline. Purified and compressed methane produced at other Smithfield-Missouri farms is transported in special trailers to Ruckman where it can also be injected into the national pipeline. The operation has the capability of purifying and injecting about 1,350 standard cubic feet per minute. Methane release is recognized by the EPA as a much more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.
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Ground Breaking and Award Winning

The American Biogas Council (ABC) named Roeslein Alternative Energy as the 2016 Friend of the ABC winner for their hard work and dedication
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Conservation Federation of Missouri names Rudi Roeslein, President of Roeslein Alternative Energy, as Missouri's Air Conservationist of the Year
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Roeslein Alternative Energy was named the 2016 Groundbreaker of the Year by BBI International at their annual International Biomass Conference
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Working to create the energy equivalent of filling 56,000 big rig trucks with a full tank of diesel fuel.


Preventing 850,000 tons of CO2 equivalent of methane from reaching the atmosphere.


Working to restore 30,000,000 acres in the next 30 years to native prairie grassland

Featured News

The history of the former Premium Standard Farms (PSF) hog operation in northern Missouri is as tortured as any in the modern swine industry. (See the 30-year time line at the bottom of this story for details.) When Smithfield Foods bought the formerly bankrupt 221,000-sow complex in 2006, PSF was the second-largest pork producer in the U.S. (behind Smithfield). It was bogged down in nuisance lawsuits, the barns were in disrepair, and pig performance was poor.
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The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas recognized Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) for their developmental role in renewable natural gas-to-transportation fuel at its Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Rudi Roeslein, President of Roeslein Alternative Energy and CEO of Roeslein & Associates, commented, “The accomplishments to date are the result of the hard work and perseverance of our team, and the resolve of our company . . .
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It is with heavy hearts that we remember and recognize Bill T. Crawford – if it were not for Bill, and the men and women who worked tirelessly and often at great adversity alongside him, we would not be enjoying the wildlife heritage we have. They provided a model for the rest of our country that is still the best practice to be followed and improved upon. We need more people like Bill to carry the torch for our future generations. Thank you Bill for everything you've done.
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In the last two decades, the Monarch butterflies population has decreased. They are just one of the many species that benefit from RAE’s 30/30 vision. This underlying goal is to restore and convert 30,000,000 acres of land to native prairie grasses in just 30 years. This vision benefits farmers economically and positively impacts surrounding ecosystems by creating homes for various types of wildlife, providing erosion control, and preventing flooding.
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