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Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) was recognized for their hard work and dedication by being named to the 2016 American Biogas Council (ABC) Biogas Industry Awardees list. RAE won the “Friend of the ABC” category beating out several other nominees for their contribution to the industry through their Ruckman Farm Project.

The American Biogas Council announced the 2016 Biogas Industry Awards last week during its annual conference at the sold-out celebration dinner, BioCycle REFOR16. The winners included five biogas systems, one innovation system and one individual all recognized for their contributions to the growth of the U.S. biogas industry.

“Not only are these projects great examples for future project development, but our winners are also breaking new ground for the growing biogas industry,” remarked, ABC Chairman, Bernie Sheff of ES Engineering Services. “I am so proud to be awarding the shining stars of the industry and look forward to the next wave of projects that are already following in their footsteps.”

Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) has recently launched a significant project, which warrants the nomination for this award. This project is the first of a nine-part series. RAE has partnered with Smithfield Hog Production (SHP) of Missouri to utilize their hog manure lagoons by placing impermeable covers over them to anaerobically digest the manure to create methane gas. The captured methane will then be refined, cleaned and compressed before being injected into the national pipeline where it is sold to local customers. The goal of this project is to be successfully replicated across all nine of SHP’s farms. It will open up the possibility of replacing fossil natural gas and creating 2 million DGE’s (diesel-gallon equivalents). To date, they have completed two of the nine farms and will commence on the remaining farms in the spring of 2017.

When asked about this achievement, Rudi Roeslein, CEO and President of Roeslein Alternative Energy had this to say, “I appreciate everyone’s efforts to achieve a system that I know will be the Gold Standard of the Industry.  We have proven the technical viability of our concept and will continue to work towards economic efficiencies that promote the ideals we deployed.  I am very grateful and know that the systems we are deploying are a continuous level of improvement that will find application in many opportunities around the country and eventually the world.”

To learn more about this project, visit RAE’s ABC Project Profile or visit RAE online at www.

Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) was founded in 2012 as an operator and developer of renewable energy production facilities that converts agricultural and industrial wastes, along with renewable biomass feedstocks to renewable natural gas and sustainable co-products. RAE engages in these business operations with a focus on incorporating native prairie restoration. RAE is a limited liability corporation with its principal offices located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Roeslein Alternative Energy - Winner of the 2016 American Biogas Council "Friend of the ABC" award

Pictured is Brian Gale, Business Development Manager, Rudi Roeslein, CEO and President, and Chris Roach, Director of Roeslein Alternative Energy with the 2016 American Biogas Council Friend of ABC award.