About RAE

Our Vision

Mission Statement

At Roeslein Alternative Energy, our mission is to help individual landowners and society as a whole collaboratively discover and implement alternative biomass and energy solutions. This mission will be accomplished in both ecologically and economically sustainable ways to protect and restore our environment and ecosystems.

Visionary Goal

Our goal is to restore 30 million acres of restored grasslands on marginal land throughout the Midwest region within the next 30 years, and use this as a model to restore hundreds of millions of acres of grassland around the globe. We call it our 30-30 program. Please come join us on our journey. Together we can solve the problems of a growing population’s needs for energy, food, clean water, clean air, and a biome that includes wildlife with a diversity of plant and animal life important to our quality of life. Together we can turn problems into opportunities for our future generations.